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6.2 Diesel Turbo Kit

6.2 Diesel Turbo Kit

The Hummer was an iconic vehicle in its early years of release. The brawny vehicle, however, lost credit due to a couple of engine problems and its inadequate consumption of fuel. 

The 6.2 diesel turbo kit is a replacement of the 5.7 diesel engine by GM. Its production began in 1982 for the Chevrolet C/K and became a favorite alternative for the V8 gasoline engine. It had better fuel consumption than the V8 and V6 engines. It used the same mounting and attachments for all V8 trucks of General motors. 

The only downside is that the 6.2 diesel engine weighs more than the 7.4 L gasoline engine. These engines were in regular use by the United States government and military branches and several federal agencies.

The approximate gas mileage of a hummer depends on the following factors:

  • Terrain
  • Engine type
  • Driving habits – A great way of getting more miles on a gallon is by driving it slow on the highway. Hummer’s thirst for gas increases with the demand for power. Driving an H2 or H1 at 65mph risks an abysmal fuel consumption rate and possible frying of the transfer case
  • Model - The H1 model has a low 10mpg, the H2 has 10 to 12 mpg, and the H3 delivers 14mpg

Another exciting contributor that is not as common as the above is the difference between using gas or diesel. 

What is the difference between diesel and petrol?

Some people will fret from buying a diesel engine. This case is because diesel has more energy than petrol and therefore costs more. The difference is, however, irrelevant when you have the intent of buying and using a Hummer – it uses a diesel engine. 

A diesel engine will, however, have better economic consumption than a petrol engine of equal size. While this might seem like a straightforward bargain between the two variations, one ought to consider the following factors about diesel engines:

  • Diesel cars are more expensive than gasoline cars
  • Diesel cars need more regular runs to stay in good condition and are therefore convenient for long off-road trips
  • Diesel produces more local pollutants like nitrous oxide, which lessen the air quality of an already congested city
  • Diesel engines produce more power at low speeds, hence are convenient for long towing journeys 

How does displacement affect fuel consumption?

Engine measurements are by displacement of liters, L, or cc. Displacement defines the total volume of all cylinders in the engine. An engine with four 569cc cylinders will amount to 2276cc and will have the label of a 2.3-liter engine. Larger engines like the 6.2 diesel turbo kit produce more power and have more torque; hence they require more fuel.

Why does a Hummer need a massive engine?

Large four-by-four trucks like the Range Rover and the Hummer weigh a couple of tones. They require more energy to move and maintain speed; hence they require potent engines. The exact engine size will, however, depend on the driver’s requirements and budget. Talk to Bostic Motors for more information on the absolute rule of choosing an engine, and pick any of our well-constructed and serviced products at reasonable prices.



6.2 Diesel Turbo Kit
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