Optimizer engine

Optimizer engine If you’re interested in the Optimizer engine or have been considering finding out more about it, contact Bostic Motors by calling 828-453-7779. They have been building and servicing the 6.2L and the 6.5 Diesel engine since the 1900s, being dedicated to them exclusively and have grown in their expertise in them along the way.

Are you searching for that elusive combination of high quality engines and parts at great prices? While that’s not easy to find these days, it’s exactly what you’ll get from a Bostic Motors’ Optimizer engine. They’ve shipped their engines to all 50 states in the country and many outside of the US, including Norway, Austria, German and Sweden.

Fuel economy is always on the consumer’s mind, and with the rising costs of fuel, the GM 6.5 liter diesel engine has enjoyed much renewed interest, especially when you take into consideration the costs of new diesel trucks, which can top out at $50-$60k! The 6.5 offers unparalleled fuel economy, often in the range of 18-21 mpg. Even the newest diesels on the market, such as the GM Duramax and new Ford engines can’t compare.

Recent improvements to the Optimizer engine means much more than just great fuel economy for the owner- enhanced durability and reliability are also quite attractive. Bostic Motors supplies engines and parts to the United States military, including the Optimizer engine, as well as parts for both the civilian and the US military AM General built HMMVW. If you’ve been fortunate enough to acquire a military H-1, you’ll find Bostic Motors is able to re-power your vehicle with a new engine you’ll be absolutely satisfied with.

Consider the Optimizer remanufactured engine for the civilian H-1 or the HMMVW:

- With center-mounted turbo, this drop-in engine can be used in vehicles from 1996-2002. Uses genuine 2004+ AM General/GEP improved block and heads, remanufactured fuel system and turbo. This top selling engine includes the remanufactured turbo, injection pump, injectors, exhaust and intake manifolds and a new water pump.

- Optimizer remanufactured non-turbo drop-in engine uses remanufactured 2004+ genuine AM General improved block and head castings and includes: remanufactured injection pump, injectors, exhaust and intake manifolds and a new water pump.

You’ll also find an incredible selection of parts for your Optimizer engine when you browse the website at 6-5liter.com. Purchase a full gasket set, fast-start glow plugs, block castings, pump-mounted driver, a high performance oil pump, center mount turbos, new valve covers, top quality heavy case brass block heater, and much, much more.

It’s essential to note that Bostic Motors has not had one block or head crack issue to date- a vast improvement over the previous product and proof positive that the enhancements have made a big difference in the results.

If you have any questions for an expert from Bostic Motors about an Optimizer engine, feel free to call 828-453-7779, or visit the website at 6-5liter.com to read the FAQ page.

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