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Self-Serve Auto Detailing


Check out our self serve auto detailing stations!

It doesn’t matter how sparkling clean the exterior of your vehicle is: if the inside is a mess, it’s still going to feel dirty!

Between busy lives with lunches and dinners on the go in the car; kids and their constant demands for en-route snacks; dog hair; muddy paws; sandy feet and all the other random rubbish that somehow lands up in your car, it can start to feel overwhelmingly messy in there! Out of control messy. Messing with your head messy.

You spend too much time inside your car for it to be dirty all the time. There is an easy solution to a filthy car interior: self-serve auto detailing at SuperWash on Main.

Our high powered vacuum cleaners are designed to suck all the mess out of your car, and your life, and get you back on the road with a clear head. Not to mention clear footwells, back seats, front seats, trunks and every other nook and cranny!

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Self Serve Auto Detailing

By taking advantage of the high powered vacuum stations available in each of our 5 clean, bright self-serve car wash bays, you can make the inside of your vehicle feel brand new again, allowing you to once more start enjoying your time spent inside your car. Bonus: all 5 bays are heated in winter to keep you warm while you keep your car clean.

Self-serve auto detailing is more than just a way to keep your car clean. It’s a way to rid your life and mind of unnecessary clutter and mess! There is very little more satisfying than the feel of that high-powered vacuum roaring to life and sucking that mess right out of your life!

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Advantages of SuperWash on Main Self-Serve Auto Detailing also include:

⇨ High powered vacuum stations.

⇨ Access to professional equipment and top quality, high powered vacuum cleaners designed to suck the tiniest specks out of the trickiest spaces.

⇨ You have control over the entire process – only you know exactly where that one jelly bean got to.

⇨ You get all the satisfaction of a job well done.

Don’t ignore the interior of your car. It’s true what they say: inner beauty really is as important as outer beauty!

Give your car the clean it deserves, inside and out. Give it the benefit of our SuperWash self-serve detailing service.

SuperWash by name, Super Wash by nature.

Super Pass

SuperWash on Main Super Pass cards are pre-paid discount cards for our frequent customers! Your Super Pass card can be used at any service In our facility! Come by the office and one of our attendants will set you up with a Super Pass.

Quick and easy access

Use your Super Pass card for all services at SuperWash on Main.

Added value

Receive 10% added value for passes of $20
Receive 15% added value for passes of $50
Receive 20% added value for passes of $100


The advantages of a Super Pass / VIP over a monthly pass are:

  • Added value
  • Non expiring
  • Use for any vehicle
  • Transferable

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